Market Value

What factors affect the market value of your home?


Physical Qualities:

Location; Age; Size of House and Lot; Floor Plan; Condition of Home and Architectural Style

Market Conditions:

Interest Rates/Availability of Financing; Buyer Demand; Prices of Recently Sold Homes; State of the Economy; Seasonal Demand

The Competition:

Number of Homes for Sale; Price; Financing Terms; Location and Physical Condition

What factors have no effect on the current value of your property?

* What you originally paid for your home

* The cash proceeds you want or need from the sale

* What people say your property is worth

What are the only factors within your control that will help you get the best price and terms for your home?

* Listing Price/Terms of Sale

* Condition of the House and Grounds

* Promotion and Marketing

* Availability for Showing

* The Sales Associate You Select


How do I find a Sales Associate to market my home?

Contact Ellen at OneSource Real Estate!

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